Red Acres Hydroponics Fact

Hydroponically grown crops use 2/3 less water, no pesticides and less fertilizers compared to traditional farming which is better for the environment and our health!

Red Acres Hydroponics

Pure. Fresh. Natural.

All things our food should be.



Cool water, crisp produce, balanced nutrients.

Purely delicious!

So what is Hydroponic growing and why is it better? In a nutshell, hydroponics is growing plants in a balanced nutrient solution where plants are nurtured using precision balanced nutrient blends. Hydroponics blends science with delicious cultivars that have long shelf life and freshness beyond compare.


Our Goals:

• Consistent Quality Product
• Superior and Personalized Customer Service
• Provide Chefs, Restaurants & Customers With High Quality Produce
• A Buying Experience at a Local Farm with Century Heritage

Red Acres currently grows different varieties of lettuce and select herbs. Looking for something specific? Contact us!